Why all Good Costumes Include Hosiery?

It’s that time of the year again, the time where it is acceptable for adults to wear play dress ups and eat bags after bags of chocolates and candies. Yes, Halloween is just around the corner and if you are still struggling to come up with a decent costume, first consider this: all the good costumes include hosiery. Don’t believe me? Look below for a list of awesome costume ideas that include beautiful and high quality hosiery.

Occupational Costumes

These costumes are classic and common enough to be bought at your local costume stores. The ensembles that have been a favourite for a long time now and are easy to put together include a nurse, a librarian, a teacher, a stewardess, and a cop. The key to standing out even if wearing these classic and common costumes is accessory. The ensemble will be more likely to be noticed if it looks well put with complete adornment, handcuffs for the police, white stockings and stethoscope for the nurse and a book or two for the librarian and or teacher.

Superhero Costumes

With the prevalence of women superheroes, it’s no wonder costumes for these super heroines became widespread as well. If you are feeling shy because of the short, revealing skirts worn by some of these superheroes, best to wear nude coloured sheer tights underneath. This will also provide a bit of warmth to those legs that get cold easily. Do not let the cold stop you from trick or treating all night!

Pop Culture Costumes

Costumes that involve characters from movies, TV shows and popular games are also fun to wear. The excitement of trying to guess where you are from and the recognition from a fellow fan is priceless. Imagine seeing someone decked in full costume of your favourite Disney princess, which is now also offered in plus size complete with plus size hosiery to complete the ensemble.

Period Costumes

Nothing best describes a costume that is well thought off and prepared beforehand than that of a period costume. Coming to a Halloween party as an Egyptian Goddess screams “Best Costume of the Night”. Flapper costumes of the Great Gatsby era together with feather boas and fishnet stockings will definitely turn a head or two. And of course we should not forget the colourful and hippie costumes of the 70’s.

Horror Costumes

It would not be Halloween if we would not consider donning a horror costume. Why not try and go as a witch complete with a pointy hat and a broomstick? Perhaps a fallen angel with black wings, black tulle skirt and black stockings is more your suit? Another idea is to dress up like a voodoo doll that is comparatively easier, with shabby dress, ripped hosiery and gigantic push pins as hair accessories.

No matter what costume you come up with during this season, what is important is that you don’t forget to have fun and that you celebrate the event with family and friends doing the traditional activities of carving pumpkins, trick or treating, eating sweets and obviously, taking numerous pictures while in your Halloween costumes.

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