What to Know When Hiring a Male Stripper

You can hire a male stripper as exciting entertainment for an event whether it is for a raunchy birthday party for a friend or a hen party for a bride to be. Before you decide on an agency or a strip club, you can research options that are available to you. The best thing about a male stripper is the amount of infectious energy and sheer performance they provide. You can check in with your friends beforehand about the preferences they have and you can have a great time picking performers to come to the party.

There are so many companies and agencies that allow you to hire male strippers through their website. If the stripper is working in a club, a good thing to do before organising a male stripper Is to attend one of the shows of the club. This will give you an idea of their performance style and you can even find a stripper that you like to come to your event. Booking can be done through the website or by going to the help desk at the club and making a reservation. It is best to do the booking a few days in advance if you have a preference. You can clarify any questions regarding the performance before you confirm the reservation. Make sure that you give correct and reliable information about the location as well as more than one contact number.

You can let the male stripper know in advance about the particulars of the party. If it is a hen party, you can inquire whether they dress up in costumes, preferably something of the bride’s choice. You can let them know if you have a certain theme in mind for the party. If there is a particular song track you want to be incorporated into the routine, you can ask that as well. You have to make sure that you prepare the location with the requirements of the stripper in mind. Make sure there is sufficient lighting and seating as well as an electrical outlet to plug in music. When the day of the event comes, you can introduce the bride to be or the birthday girl so they can focus a little more on her. This is the good thing about hiring a male stripper as you may not get so much one on one focus in a strip show, simply because of the size of the crowd in the club.

You have to be specific when you are booking a male stripper. You need to be clear on whether you want someone who will strip completely, a gay male stripper, physical characteristics you’re interested in etc. By making your wishes clear, you will be able to hire a professional male stripper who ticks all the boxes. It is best to have singles ready so that your friends can give them out as tips. It can be quite erotic to place a bill on the stripper’s person and they will incorporate it into their performance as well. You can ask the stripper beforehand what it can cost to focus some special attention on the guest of honour.


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