Tips for Successful Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting requires precision and efficiency. With a lot of experience and skill, contractors are able to cut the concrete in a perfect line with straight edges. So you should select a company that has good credentials to ensure that you get a professional job.

Concrete cutting depends on the skill and the quality of equipment used. You can search for companies that carry out concrete servicing Melbourne to get an idea of the different services they provide and the experience they have. When it comes to equipment, you need to consider the blade used. The blade should be right for the area that is being cut. If you want to remove a large quantity of concrete quickly, you will need to select a blade with a wider angle for side to side movement. To cut cleanly or pierce through a surface layer, you will need a blade that can be precise. You need to use a thin blade for this. If the area you need to cut has rebar, it will require a powerful blade such as a diamond coated blade that has small teeth. You can ask the company you have contracted about the equipment they are using for the job. It is best if they visit the site to give a more accurate cost and time estimate for the job.

Even if you have the right blades, you need to make sure that they are maintained well. They should be stored in a clean area without dust. Good maintenance will also ensure that the blade can be used for a long time. If you proceed to cut without removing rust on the blade, the grinding motion will actually contribute to a greater loss of metal from the tool. After each job, the blade has to be washed and dried. You need to make sure that the blade is replaced at the right time. There are certain indications that you can watch out for to identify the right time. If you are working with a diamond blade and you notice any unusual vibrations or thumping noises when cutting, it can be time for a replacement. You will also be able to see warping or damage to the blade. If you see the steel core of the blade, this means that the blade has been worn out. An old worn out blade will also cut at a slower speed.

You may not be able to use the same blade when you are cutting depending on the cutting depth. You will need to switch out the blade according to the situation. If you are using the blade for a long time, you can select a steel or carbide blade instead of using a diamond blade that is expensive. With a longer duration, you need to select materials that can bear withstand temperatures. There should also be protective wear such as gloves and goggles that should be worn during concrete cutting. An experienced contractor will know when to make a cut during the grinding process for maximum efficiency. For example, when cutting concrete with rebar, you will need to wait a little longer than using before making the cut. Knowing the right timing will ensure that your blades last a long time and the cut is precise.


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