The Case for Using Solar Power for Water Heating

Did you know that waterheating in Australia accounts fornearly 23% of household energy consumption? With a solar power installation for only water heating, a household can effectively wipe out approximately one-fourth of its energy bill each month. This needless to say accounts for significant savings in a year.

Solar power is an effective, sustainable, renewable and infinite alternative to electricity or power generated using fossil fuels which are in limited supply and therefore classified as a finite energy source. The drawback with a finite energy source is the rising cost of supply. As a global energy crisis looms ahead of us, both households and commercial establishments are paying greater attention to renewable sources of power – with solar power being at the forefront of this revolution.

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Although large economies such as the USA and China with a heavy reliance on fossil fuels have been converting to sustainable sources, including solar power since the 1970s, much of the rest of the world has been slow to follow suit.

One of the greatest challenges to conversion is the electricity grid infrastructure currently in place which needs an overhaul tohandle renewable energy sources. While this is a hurdle that must be worked on at a national level by the government, at an individual home or commercial level, it is the limited supply of infrastructure through experienced and certified organisations as well as the initial cost of setup and adequate knowledge of the savings that can be enjoyed through conversion that needs to be addressed.

The biggest argument for adopting solar energytoday is that it is a source of energy that is renewable. The sun’s rays can be harnessed to produce energy anywhere in the world for as long as the sun shines down on earth.

Equally important is the advantage of a reduction in the monthly energy bill. Even if it is just water heating through solar power, it can still amount to a considerable saving, especially if you consider a commercial establishment like a hostel or hotel.Connected to saving money is the added advantage of the possibility of receiving payments for the surplus energy you produce (if your solar panelsgenerate more energy than what you use)which is fed back to the national grid.

Over the years, there have been great strides in the area of solar power technology, these advancements have directly translated to low maintenance costs for the user. Warranties for solar panels are usually around 20-25 years, and the only regular maintenance the panels need is a good clean-upabout twice a year, which your solar service provider or a specialised cleaning company can carry out for you. What this means for the user or potential buyer is that after spending on the initial outlay of the solar power system, there are very few additional costs for repairs and maintenance.


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