Selecting a Supplier for Workplace Signs

Workplace safety is very important and one of the ways you can maintain safety is by installing safety signage. Choosing the right signage is very important and once you select a reliable supplier, you can ensure high quality in the signs and compliance with relevant regulations.

You have to understand what the needs of the workplace are when it comes to caution signs. Think about the specific types of signage you need in the workplace whether it is safety signs, instructional labels or directional signs. You also have to think about the material for the signs and the size required. There may be certain design elements to be incorporated. For example, for certain signs, you can have the logo of your company incorporated as well. By listing out all your requirements, it makes it easier to convey them to the supplier and to find out if this is something they are able to provide. The quality of the safety signs is very important. Ask about the materials the signs are generally made out of by the supplier and the level of durability they can guarantee. This will also have an effect on the professional appearance of the office. Check whether the signs manufactured by the supplier are able to withstand different environmental conditions such as moisture, extreme temperatures and UV radiation. They should give sufficient information about the materials they use and provide a guarantee as well.

Ask whether

The signs produced by the supplier comply with the relevant regulations for safety in your region and industry. For example, there are regulations set by organisations like OSHA that they should comply with. Ask them about the expertise related to the signage and how they will be able to incorporate the regulations of your industry and the particular requirements of your company to the manufacturing process. There should be customisation options offered by the supplier. A one-size-fits-all is not generally sufficient. Ask about the options for customisation. For example, the design, messaging and the colour has to be chosen depending on the requirements of your company and the branding. This will improve the aesthetics of the workplace and you will be able to achieve a professional appearance as a result.

Consider their level of communication when it comes to the selection process.

How responsive are they when it comes to clarifying concerns and giving information related to regulations, customizations etc.? Are they committed to provide a tailored solution to your company? You can shortlist companies that are responsive to inquiries and provide transparent pricing. They should be able to collaborate with you so that the right signage can be produced at the end. Make sure to go through their reviews and ratings to get an idea of reputation of the company. You can also ask for recommendations from those in the industry and colleagues. You can also ask the company to provide you with references. All of this will give you an idea of what the experiences of other businesses have been like working with the supplier.


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