Must-Know Bathroom Remodel Tips and Advice

The bathroom is one of the spaces at home where we start preparing for the day and unwind after everything else. Because it is one of the most used spaces in a house, many homeowners love to remodel the bathroom. You don’t need to break the bank in order to achieve a beautiful bathroom. Since it is a small space, it doesn’t need much in order to make it look better and more functional than before. Here are the must-know tips you should try out for an efficient and cost-effective bathroom remodel.

Add Plants

Incorporating plants into your bathroom decor is one of the most affordable yet effective ways of beautifying this little space. They add more colour and life to your bathroom, making it look more refreshing and relaxing. Potted plants look great on empty corners or dull spaces. If you have more wall space, you can create a shelf solely dedicated to your collection of small potted plants. Choose plants that are low maintenance especially if you’re always on-the-go and doesn’t have much time to take care of them.

Go for Freestanding Pieces

Instead of attached fixtures, freestanding pieces are popular these days for bathrooms. They are more versatile when it comes to remodelling since you can just move them around to achieve a fresh new look in your bathroom. You can add in a freestanding shelf or cupboard for added storage, a comfy chair where you could relax, and even a freestanding bathtub for a more modern look. There are plenty of styles and designs from Allure Bathtubs Melb that will definitely suit your bathroom decor.

Try Recessed Features

If you have a smaller bathroom, you can make more bathroom space by recessing some features in it. For instance, instead of regular shelves or cupboards, install recessed storage spaces so it doesn’t take up much overhead space. You may also apply this technique to soap holders, tissue roll holders, and many more. To make your bathroom lighting more subtle, try recessed ceiling lights instead.

Consider Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is one of the features that need to be carefully thought of when remodelling a bathroom. Since it is where you prepare your look before going out, making it well-lit is important. Instead of having a concentrated light from one source, add other sources around too from smaller lighting fixtures.

Adding a dimmer switch to your main bathroom light source is a perfect addition that makes a huge difference in its ambience. When you’re taking a warm relaxing bath after a long tiring day, simply use the dimmer to make the bathroom have a more relaxing feel. It would also help if you have natural light source for your bathroom so you can save in energy during daytime.

Those were only a few tips that would definitely transform your bathroom into something more beautiful. Try them out on your next bathroom remodel for a more efficient and cost-effective transformation of your little bathroom.


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