How To Reduce The Clutter And Mess In Your Toddler’s Room

A child’s room is always said to be the messiest part of your home¾but it does not necessarily need to be so. Here are a few great tips to make sure your little one’s safe heaven is clutter and mess-free!

Storage Bins And Closet Organizers Are Your Best Friend

For any home organizer, these two above mentioned items are a godsend. It keeps things neat and tidy, as well as out of sight if you choose so. When it comes to your toddler’s room, these items are mostly for their toys, and for you to make sure their clothes and shoes are out of the way and ready for use. If your toddler cooperates, get them to help you put toys back into these storage bins once play time is over. Trust us, if you make it a fun activity, your toddler will be more than happy to help out, and may even try to do it on their own.

Having A Set Place For Them To Play Makes A Huge Difference

If you’ve ever had to work from home or study from home, you’ll know that you will be more efficient at your task if you have a permanent place to perform it from. And while your toddler’s activities aren’t as serious, to them, each task they perform is of great importance. If they love coloring or even playing with building blocks’, you’ll find that having toddler table and chairs Australia helps them keep their things in one place, rather than messing up the entire room. This is very similar to using a feeding chair, ensuring that they stick to one place until they are done.

Allocate A Home For Each Of Their Belongings

One of the best ways to deal with clutter in any part of your home is to give each of your belongings a home. This makes it easier for you to clean up; as it reduces the time you spend looking for a place to stash things in. When it comes to your child’s room too this is a great idea. Make sure to allocate medications and other dangerous-for-children things well out of the way. Obviously, your child is too young to know where things belong, so you might not have a lot of help from them when it comes to putting things back; but sometimes, this can be a good thing!

Opt For Easy To Clean Flooring Options

A child’s room floor is almost never dry and clean. This is especially true when it comes to a child below the age of 6. This makes it important for you to be vigilant when selecting their flooring. On one hand, carpeting can be softer to land on; as toddlers are not very steady on their feet. On the other, they are very difficult and expensive to get cleaned. The solution? Opt for carpet tiles; squares of carpet that can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled without a whole lot of drama.

Make Sure Their Room Décor Is Not Too Busy

Most parents tend to go a little overboard when decorating their child’s room, playing out their own childhood dreams and wishes more often than not. As a result, they end up choosing overly busy wallpapers for the bedroom and make it even messier with the wall décor and furniture. To avoid making this same mistake, opt to keep your child’s bedroom to a maximum of 2 colors. If you must have wallpapers, either opt for wallpapers with little detail, or for wallpapers only for accent walls.

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