How to Prepare Yourself to Give Birth

Pregnancy is exciting and wonderful news to most parents, but the thought of delivering a baby is a daunting thought for all mothers. Most do not know what to expect and are scared of how much it is going to hurt them. But on the other hand, they are excited and eager to meet the newcomer into their life. Studies have found that unpleasant delivery triggers the mother to develop postpartum depression and also take time to make that special bond with their infant.

Being well prepared for the delivery can help alleviate the anxiety related to the delivery. Not only is it helpful to the mother, but it can make it a pleasant beginning for the infant as well. Here is how you can prepare yourself for delivery.

Have A Clear Childbirth Plan?

During your antenatal visits to your doctor, you will discuss with them what your childbirth plan is going to be. Whether you would like to go for normal delivery or a caesarean section. If normal, whether you would like an epidural or not? Whether it should be a waterbirth or not? All these options should be well discussed. You should be made aware of each option and the one that is right for you should be chosen. For example, with certain complications in pregnancy, normal delivery is not possible, thus you will have to go for a caesarean section. Your doctor will let you know if you have any risks.

After deciding on the childbirth plan, you can’t expect everything to go exactly the way you have planned it. Emergencies can always happen, and things might need to go different from the decided plan. You must be ready and open to accept that this could occur. For example, though you might have decided to go for a normal delivery, if the baby has passed meconium and is in distress, you will be taken for an emergency caesarean section.

Do not panic in these situations, but be calm and trust the medical professionals to provide you with optimum care. But having this plan, you will know; to get registered with the hospital, which route to take to the hospital in case you go into labour unexpectedly, and who you should call informing of your progress etc.

Pack A Bag Well Ahead of Time

Nearing your due date, it is important that you keep the bag to be taken to the hospital packed and ready. Ideally it should be two bags, one for you and the other for the infant. Visit baby stores and get nappies, infant sleepers, blankets, sweaters, caps, bassinets and more to pack in the bag.

You will need to pack for yourself extra clothes, undergarments, sanitary napkins and other as well. Some hospitals will have a list of items that are required of you to bring. You can get this checklist beforehand and keep it ready with you. Likewise, the car seat can be installed, the crib made, and home can be baby proofed as well.

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