How To Plan The Perfect Summer Event

If you need to plan an event, it can easily be done. It takes barely any effort to plan one and reaps many rewards- don’t you want to see your guests happy, praising you for a good time? I know I would. Unfortunately, having events at specific times may be more difficult than usual. As you can imagine, spring and autumn events should be the easiest, but events during the summer or winter are a hassle to plan. The weather is simply not in your favour.

However, I personally find summer events quite relaxing and I would go as far as to say this is my favorite time of year to plan functions. Now, you may not be like me, which is fine. But how are you supposed to go through the planning?  I’ll be helping you. Let’s continue because we’re about to go through the absolute musts you need to be doing.

You Need To Beat The Sunshine

The harsh rays of sunlight are your event’s biggest enemy. Now, if it’s an evening event you won’t have to bother about the heat as much, but if it’s a day event, then you really need this- a marquee. If you don’t know what a marquee is, it’s a giant tent that is used in social functions and parties.

You can easily get some for yourself. Try googling tents for sale perth from  your local retailer.

If you want to take it a step further, you can line the walls of the tents with mosquito nets. We all know how lively insects are during summer, thus this adjustment will help eliminate the possible insect attack. You don’t want any of your guests to be rampaged by mosquitoes now do you?

What About The Food?

Remember the weather and then determine the menu. This is a great notion to keep in mind when deciding the menu for any function, not even summer ones. As it will be hot outside, think about how the foods you will be serving will cause your guests to feel.

This is why you should try and refrain from offering heavy meals, keep it light and refreshing such as salads, an assortment of fruits, Mediterranean wraps, skewers etc.

And for drinks? Try and avoid soft drinks as it will promote dehydration. Go for more naturally based drinks such as lemonade, or iced tea

Be Aware Of The Heat

You should be aware of how the heat progresses across the day and plan the event according to when it will be the most comfortable for guests. For example, starting your function at 4pm would be great as you avoid the afternoon’s blistering heat.

It’s not just about the timing. Try and make the event as informal as possible. This is great as you don’t want people to show up in a lavish gown just to be baked alive. Make sure they know the event is informal so that they can come in comfort and enjoy the festivities.

Excited? Get to planning!

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