How to Look After A Fresh Body Piercing

Are you planning on getting a body piercing done? Or perhaps you have just got one done and now want to make sure that you follow through just spot on with the aftercare so that it heals well. While everybody is rather excited about getting a body piercing done, maintaining it and looking after it is really what counts if you truly want to make sure that the piercing heals well and that you are able to enjoy your body modification as much as possible. So here are some of the best practices that we know you need to follow in order to heal fast and well without complications.

Use the right cleaning solution

Stay away from solutions like isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. They are very harsh on your skin and especially on a fresh piercing. Therefore, they can irritate and dry out the piercing and even slow the healing process by damaging the skin that is growing. What you can use instead is a saline solution. To make this at home, you can use pharmaceutical grade salt without impurities and mix it into slightly warm water as instructed by your piercer. Then clean the piercing with the solution at least 2 to 3 times a day. This will remove any crust that is formed automatically and will maintain a clean piercing that is free from infection as well.

Stop the touching

Every time that you touch a piercing with unclean hands, you could be introducing bacteria and germs that will potentially cause an infection. Therefore, stop touching the fresh piercing and just leave it alone. You should wash your hands thoroughly with a good anti-bacterial soap before you touch the piercing to clean it out. The lesser your hands come into contact with the piercing, the better it will be for the healing.

Do not change jewellery

Unless you have been given permission to change the jewellery that was originally placed in the piercing by the piercer, you should not try and change the jewellery by yourself at home. First depending upon the location of the piercing, you need to let it heal completely. Only then should you change the piercing to something that you choose and make sure that you choose either 100% titanium or surgical stool jewellery to avoid any allergic reactions which are common with jewellery that have alloys like nickel mixed in them.

If you take off the jewellery too soon, you could slow down the healing process and it is also highly likely that you would not be able to put the new jewellery into the piercing. This could further worsen the wound and could even lead to infection, the body rejecting the jewellery, or the piercing actually closing up fast. It is best to be patient and wait until you can let the piercing heal completely.

Get enough rest and vitamins

Just like in any case, rest and good food is really important for the piercing to heal well. the better that you take care of yourself, the faster the wound will heal.


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