How to Care for Your Tires?

When an expensive looking, shiny car passes by, our eyes are automatically drawn to it. We check its make and model. We notice if the windows are tinted, clean and or full of smudges. We take note of the colour and if it matches the interiors, whether the car seats are nylon or upholstered leather. We even take a moment to see if the plate numbers are customized and if the driver is a celebrity or someone famous. But we don’t usually look at the tires, unless it has those gaudy tire mags. Sometimes, the same is true for some car owners. They will only pay attention to the tires if one is flat or before a long-haul drive.

Tires should be given the utmost tender loving care since they are more prone to wear and tear and could also be the cause of several road accidents if neglected. Fortunately, there are measures that could be taken to ensure tires are constantly rolling in their utmost best conditions.

Check Tire’s Pressure

Driving with over or under-inflated tires would easily damage the tires, not to mention dangerous since incorrectly pressured tires also affect the car’s braking system especially when driving during the rainy season. Underinflated tires also because heat build-up which will make your tires longevity seriously reduced. Checking your tire’s pressure every now and then will make a huge difference in how long they will last, saving you tons of money. Don’t forget to check even the spare. In case of emergencies, you have peace of mind knowing that the spare tire is in an excellent state. It is also advisable to splurge and get reliable tyre pressure monitoring systems to alert you if one or more of your tires are underinflated or overinflated.

Check for Damage and Wear

Don’t drive with tires that are bald. Bald tires are worn out tires that are at risk of penetration by sharp pebbles and other debris. Worn out tires are also less likely to maintain grip and contact with the road making it dangerous to drive on wet and snowy roads. Constantly check your tires for damage and wear and replace all bald tires with new ones to ensure efficiency and safety.

Abide by The Load Capacity

Tires that are weighed down by load exceeding its load index could lead to sudden destruction. The tire’s load index is the number that could be found on the tire’s sidewall which means this is the only load a single tire could bear. Car owners are sometimes unaware that tires have various load limits and not all could accommodate towing jet skis, canoes and old furniture. Remember your tire’s load capacity and never make it a habit of overloading to prolong your tire’s durability.

Avoid Excessive Spinning

We have all experienced being stuck in mud or snow that we rev up the engine to extremely spin the tire in the hopes that the speed will free the wheels from being trapped. But doing so could only result to tire explosion or serious vehicle damage or an injury to an innocent onlooker. When stuck, it is recommended to never go beyond 55 kmph. Instead drive gently backward and forward rocking motion to release the vehicle.

When driving, be vigilant and take notice of any defects. If your vehicle is unnecessarily wobbly, bouncing or there are strange vibrations, best to consult with your mechanic or a tire professional soon.

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