Guide to Drawing Material Essentials

Many of us started drawing and painting when we were young. Art is a way of getting children to express themselves. But this is not something that is reserved only for children. You can enjoy arts and crafts as an adult as well and it can be a wonderful way of relaxing after a hectic week.

If you are ready to take the plunge into learning and practising art as an adult, you can look into art sets for adults that will make it easier to collect the items you need. In this article, we are looking into several essential drawing supplies that will be helpful to get you started at any age. One of the basics you have to choose is good drawing pencils. You can try out a few brands to see which you prefer. There are harder and softer graphite pencils that you can use. Harder graphite pencils have the letter H while softer graphite pencils have the letter B. You will be able to make lighter marks with hard graphite pencils and darker sketches with soft pencils. When you buy a pencil set, you may not use all the pencils in it. Generally, you will find that you use HB, 2B, 2H and 4B pencils more than the others. So in this case, it makes sense to buy them individually instead of as a set.

A sketchbook is essential so that you can actively sketch on a daily basis. This will be great to jot down your ideas when you have them. You can expand on these ideas later and see how you will develop the painting. An artist’s sketchbook is where they practise different artistic ideas and try out different drawing principles. Make sure you choose a sketchbook with a lot of pages that is durable for daily work. A hardcover sketchbook is recommended as it will stand up well even if you travel with it.You can try your hand at charcoal paper, Bristol paper and drawing paper to see what you prefer. There are variations in different types of paper as well and you will get a sense of what serves you better with time and experience. There are also many erasers you can use. They are not just for erasing, they can be used to create different marks as well that can add to the drawing. For erasing graphite, you can use a rubber eraser while a kneaded eraser can be used to create different marks.

You need to have good drawing surfaces along with the mediums. There are many factors that will help you decide the quality of the drawing surface. You have to consider the tooth or the texture of the paper you are drawing on. Smooth textures will allow you to make smooth lines while heavier textures will have rougher lines that look broken. You can try your hand out at different textures to see which you prefer more. The weight of the paper is also important. This is the thickness of the paper. If you want the drawings to stand the test of time better, you can look for acid free paper that will not yellow over time and will have some resistance to fading.


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