Best First Car Mods Worth Investing In

Owning a car is not that simple. Aside from the fact that you need to learn first how to drive, there are other essential responsibilities you need to do as a car owner such as regular maintenance and check-ups. Although it is expensive to buy a new car, getting or maintaining an old one costs more because of the wears and issues that could be hiding in plain sight.

When you get your first car, you might be wondering about the different ways on how to personalize your ride more. Aside from adding decals and other accessories to customize its appearance, investing on car mods to enhance performance is a good way to invest in your car. Check out this collection for all car performance parts that you need.

Here are the best first car mods you should spend on.


While it is not that necessary to change your car’s tires straight after getting it out of the showroom, investing on a good set of tires relatively improves the performance of your car. Quality tires make your whole driving experience a lot better – accelerate, make turns, and slow down smoothly when you have better traction from upgraded tires. Switching your tires is the best first step when you’re starting to modify your vehicle.

ECU Flash

ECU flashing or tuning refers to the process of reprogramming your car’s memory chip. This makes a difference on the fuel to air ratio in your car’s engine. You can make boost your car’s fuel efficiency and make it go faster than the usual with an ECU flash. Before doing this upgrade, be sure that all the involved components such as the engine and exhaust system are working in good condition since any problem will just worsen when you perform an ECU flash.

Springs and Shocks

After improving the overall power and performance of your car’s engine, you shouldn’t forget to upgrade the parts that affect its handling. When your car is too powerful yet the handling is left as it is, it can’t handle all that horsepower making the overall performance not that good. Adjusting the springs and shocks according to your car’s power is essential for better handling and a smoother ride.

Air Intake

Your engine needs both air and fuel for combustion to create power. If you have done an ECU flash and increased the ratio between these two, you’ll need to have more air and fuel input also. You can upgrade the fuel injector to increase fuel intake and modify the air intake to make it suit your engine’s needs. Air intake upgrades are applicable to almost any engine types making it a versatile car upgrade. You could opt for a cold air intake or high flow MAF depending on what your car needs.

As a car owner, you’d always want to improve your car’s performance. Start optimizing your car by trying out these useful car mods and see how it improves your overall driving experience.


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