7 Quick Tips for A Safe Crane Operation

Crane lifts are one of the most fascinating equipment ever made. It can lift and move heavy loads in an accurate way with proper operation. However, when not operated properly, cranes can also cause great accidents to the workers around and even damage the other equipment nearby. One doesn’t need to be a mechanical engineer to operate crane lifts safely and properly. By keeping these things in mind, you can be assured of you and your co-workers’ safety in the work area.

Hire a Certified Operator

Leaving a crane to an untrained operator is dangerous. One false move can create massive damage and could even injure lots of people working around the area. To be assured that everyone is safe, it’s better to hire a certified crane operator to handle the equipment well.

Plan Ahead

Before starting any operation, proper crane lift planning should be done first. Make sure to review the weight capacity of the crane to avoid overloading it. Check the equipment for damages or issues and see to it that it is at its best condition before using it. Take into account other factors such as wind, weight of the load and many more. Be sure that everyone working with the crane should be fully aware of the plan so they have an idea on what to do next.

Check the Surface Below

The surface where the crane is mounted greatly affects its performance. Be sure to place the crane on a solid, flat and sturdy surface to keep it well rigged and balanced. To properly distribute the weight on the surface, extend the crane’s outriggers to prevent it from tipping down.

Do an Inspection

Before starting an operation, make sure to inspect the entire equipment to be assured that nothing is amiss. Cranes that always carry massive loads are very prone to damage and wear so make sure to check everything before using it again. When used under extreme heat for a long time, the beam gets weak and brittle so be sure to get this part checked at all times to avoid accidents.

Keep in Touch

When working with crane lifts, make sure that the operator and the other workers can communicate clearly with each other. There are plenty of devices you can use to do so, such as air horns, radios and signal lights. Having these items at hand keeps the operation well coordinated.

Be Alert and Attentive

Always keep distractions at bay when working with cranes, whether you are an operator or just a worker around the area. Lifting massive loads is a crucial task that requires full attention for a safe operation. Be sure to stay away from distractions such as using cell phones when the operation has started.

Put the Load Down

After using a crane lift, always put the load down on the ground. Leaving heavy loads suspended above is a very risky move. For example, the wind can cause the load to sway, which can lead to the crane tipping over when it loses its balance. The falling load can damage other equipment below or even injure people if there are workers around.

Safety is the most important thing to be considered especially when using heavy equipment. Keep those tips in mind to keep every crane lift operation safe.

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